Our Design Process


comes to life.

Beyond just flowers, we conceptualize, design, source,
and execute your experience.







To lay the framework of your design, we take the time to get to know you. A morning coffee, a fireside chat, an afternoon glass of bubbly - these initial connections cultivate the seeds for your floral dreamscapes. As we collect color schemes, event details, must-have design elements, we’re also equally interested in the details of your personal dynamic. A favorite painting, special memory, or whimsical personality detail can help us create something truly unique.

Once we have a sense of your foundational concepts, we dive into the research and development of your design. As the elements of your story, the season, and ecosystems local to the event begin come together, a composition starts to emerge. Our intention is to create a composition that feels like a natural extension of the regional biosphere, infused with the character of your vision.

Next, we create a tangible formulation for actionable design. From a la carte simplicity to hand-drawn proposal packages, the intensity of a design proposal can range wildly depending on the client’s needs. This is where the first layers of paint hit the canvas. Think: broad strokes, foundational elements, and thematic ingredients working together to create an outline of your final product.



The Nitty Gritty

The Pretty

The Space

Our role as artists asks us to soften the edges between event and venue, the bridge between reality and dreamscape.  We engage with the space and work with your design team on site visits,  imagining the flow of the event, and how to best incorporate specialty flora and custom builds that make the overall experience unique to you.

The final product is an abundance of Pretty, but what you don’t see is the Nitty Gritty: the complexities of conceptual construction. Behind every ceiling of tulips or tunnel of peonies is a mountain of logistical problem solving: operational weight loads, structural frameworks, and the six dimensional jigsaw puzzle of international sourcing procedures are only part of the equation. Researching weather patterns and water sources, coordinating designers, travel, and the delicate dance of production day are all necessary parts of the equation.

Lastly, for a design to feel like the most polished and authentic version of itself, it must be cohesive throughout. We envision your event as a whole and go beyond flowers to collaborate with artisans to create custom vases, wallpaper, specialty candles, and the finishing details of your vision.





Sourcing is the complex clockwork behind a design and the most critical step in transitioning from dream to reality. We have a diverse rolodex for souring unique product and are experts in logistical problem solving.

We start with locally grown flowers whenever possible. Partnering with farmers celebrates seasonality and allows us to hand select varieties that make your event feel one of a kind. 

Large scale projects and big dreams also require globally sourced product. Depending on the month we know if peonies look best from Alaska, Italy, or New Zealand. We know which farm in South America has the silkiest latte roses and where to find ranunculus in Japan. We thoughtfully work through logistics with customs and line up transportation with planes, boats, and box trucks.







For seamless execution, we color code our timelines and plan details down to the minute. We work with other vendors to develop the delicate dance that it takes for a symphony of makers to bring everything together in just a few days.

We are perfectionists well versed in creative solutions. At every event we will encounter an unexpected blip. Our experience allows up to handle hiccups so seamlessly that you never know they happened.

We approach this final phase like a gallery setup. Stepping back, viewing from different perspectives, and making sure every detail is just so.